Miesiąc: Luty 2015

wild vest

It has been in the girls closet since forever. Season after season it is still a cherry on top of many sets of clothes. Furry vests were featured here many times in various ways, but the one by Talc is definitely my favourite. It’s rather big and unruly so adds a little wild character to even the simpliest of things. It’s always at hand, a staple piece of the girls’ wardrobe, but our passion for all things furry and warm is no secret to you. ——— Jest w szafie od zawsze. Przechodzi z sezonu na sezon i stanowi kropkę nad ,,i” wielu zestawów. Futrzana kamizelka miała u nas wiele odsłon, ale ta od Talc jest moim faworytem. Obszerna i nieokiełznana, najprostszym rzeczom nadaje lekko dzikiego charakteru. Zawsze pod ręką, kluczowa rzecz w szafie dziewczynek, ale o tym, że uwielbiamy wszelkie futrzaki i kożuchy wiecie nie od dziś. Zoja: sukienka MONSOON | rajstopy COLLEGIEN | kamizelka TALC biurko i stołek PROJEKT STOŁEK | tablica BLOOMINGVILLE | żarówki HOUSE DOCTOR sukienka AQADEMIA ❤ sukienka, czapka ZARA | kurtka …

w międzyczasie | in the meantime

Zoja: sukienka, płaszcz ZARA | czapka ELLA LU | rajstopy COLLEGIEN | rękawiczki – souvenir z Zakopanego ❤ | buty PETIT BY SOFIE SCHNOOR Bianka: koszula RESERVED | sukienka BOBO CHOSES Zoja: kombinezon GIRLS ON TIPTOES | ogrodniczki ZARA Bianka: spodnie EMILE ET IDA | bluzka ZARA | opaska KOLLALE Gaja: bluzka KIDS ON THE MOON | rampers BOBO CHOSES | opaska WOODSTOCK  

monte house – dom w górach

It’s been almost a week since we came back from Zakopane. A week at full speed, because believe it or not, life in Warsaw hasn’t stopped just cause we were on our holidays. Today I’m tying up loose ends and beginning new projects, but my mind keeps drifting back to that long-awaited holiday. Zakopane, thanks to our recent exciting visits there, has become a really special place for us. Being close to the power of nature encourages reflection, allows one to get a fresh perspective and encourages changes and reassessments. The views make us breathe deeper, our thoughts reach further. And all of that topped with a family atmosphere and the care and involvement of Marysia and Kuba- the founders and soul of Monte House. At Monte’s you know very early on that you can feel at home there. This encourages and fosters chance meetings which leave us feeling richer and make the time spent there unforgettable. Al Pini and Monte House Apartments show that, apart from meeting the highest standards of comfort, functionality and …